Facta is a nonprofit center applying the
scientific method to investigative and data journalism.

Focusing on the Mediterranean region, we experiment with
innovative formats.


Facta’s method, step by step

Clear hypotheses

Inspired by experts and scientists, the needs of local communities, relevant literature and the public discourse, we define clear and explicit hypotheses to be tested.

Data and literature

The investigation begins: we search for literature reviews, relevant publications and reports, open and public data, and original or citizens’ science experiments.

Field reporting

We go into the field to collect stories and experiences, with a particular attention to the ways local communities deal with problems and the solutions they test.


Along the way, we ask representative of scientific as well as local communities to give feedback on the process, the data and our hypotheses.

Final publication

In syndication with various media, we publish our final report in an innovative format, along with the entire dataset, curated relevant literature, the full interviews.

Our first goal is high quality journalism.

Good journalism benefits from widespread media literacy.

That’s why we organize trainings and test digital tools.


Jeff Jarvis
Jeff JarvisDirector, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY's Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, New York, US
Aron Pilhofer
Aron PilhoferJames B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation at Temple University, Philadelphia, US
Carola Frediani
Carola FredianiJournalist and author specialized in cybersecurity and surveillance, author of the newsletter 'Guerre di rete'


We have worked together for years in multimedia production, data analysis and visualizations.


Many of our projects have been supported by grants and syndicated in national and international media.


Here you can see some of our previous work.

A la recherche de semences perdues

A journey through the world of agro-biodiversity and the experiments and practices of participatory plant breeding in the field. Through France, Indonesia, Africa and Iran. By Marco Boscolo, Elisabetta Tola and Giordano Cossu. French version for RFI



A journey through the world of agro-biodiversity and the experiments and practices of participatory plant breeding in the field. Whit data and video stories. Through Italy, France, Africa and Middle East. By Elisabetta Tola, Marco Boscolo, Giulia Rocco, Lisa Lazzarato. Italian version for Wired IT



A registered media outlet, a laboratory for data-driven works, with original articles as well as our data work published elsewhere. Founded by Formicablu and Facta associate members and journalists. Online since 2012.



A data-driven investigation into seismic safety assassment of italian public schools. A 2012 series of +20 articles (not available online anymore, except a description). By Elisabetta Tola and Guido Romeo. On Wired IT.



Seedcontrol – a data and multimedia investigation on the global seed market and the mergers and acquisition of the last 20 years within a large framework that is favoring big corporation. By Elisabetta Tola, Marco Bascolo, Michelle Nel. Huffington Post SA, La Stampa, Eldiario.es, RSI, Il tascabile.


Lotta alla corruzione in Italia

Data-driven works done in collaboration with media outlets on specific topics: economics, innovation, technology. Guido Romeo on fight against corruption. On info Data blog at Il Sole 24 Ore.


Our team

We are building a collaborative network of journalists and organizations
in other Mediterranean countries. Interested in talking? Get in touch!
Elisabetta Tola

Data analysis & Science journalism

Guido Romeo

Data investagion & Business journalism

Marco Boscolo

Data journalism & Science writing

Francesca Conti

Management & Project development

Giulia Bonelli

Science engagement strategy

Lisa Lazzarato

Multimedia & Digital animation 

Nicola Nosengo

Tech reporting & Writing

Michele Avalle

Development & Tech writing

Valentina Marcon

Graphic & Visual design

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