FACTA is a nonprofit center applying the scientific method to investigative and data journalism. Focusing on the Mediterranean region, we experiment with innovative formats.

Our first goal is high quality journalism. Good journalism benefits from widespread media literacy and thorough data analysis.


We have worked together for years in multimedia production, data analysis and visualizations. Our projects are supported by grants and syndicated in national and international media.

Our team

ELISABETTA TOLAScience & Data journalism
Freelance chief editor at Il BO Live and presenter of Radio3Scienza at RAI Radio3. Science and data journalist, Ph.D in Microbiology. Tow-Knight fellow 2019 Graduate School of Journalism, CUNY. Co-founder and CEO of the science communication agency formicablu. Co-founder and President of Facta.
GIULIA BONELLIScience journalism & Multimedia production
Freelance science journalist and video editor. Mainly covers climate, environment, astronomy, and space exploration. Regular contributor to the magazine Global Science, edited by the Italian Space Agency. Senior consultant at the science communication agency formicablu. Co-founder and board member of Facta.
FRANCESCA CONTIManagement & Project development
Freelance journalist and chairwoman of the science communication agency formicablu. Degree in Biology and Master in science communication. Extensive experience in managerial management and in the development of communication strategies and products. Co-founder and board member of Facta.
MARCO BOSCOLOScience & Data journalism
Freelance data journalist. Contributes to Il BO Live, LeScienze (the Italian edition of Scientific American) and RSI, the National Swiss Radio in Italian. Partner of the science communication agency formicablu. In 2020 co-authored the book Semi ritrovati, viaggio alla ricerca dell’agro-biodiversità and in 2024 he published La bianca scienza. Co-founder and partner of Facta.
NICOLA NOSENGOScience & Tech journalism
Freelance science journalist. Partner of the science communication agency formicablu. Director of Nature Italy. Journalist contributor to various international and national newspapers and communicator for national research bodies, such as ASI, and international ones, such as EPFL in Lausanne. Author of four popular science books and several television programs for RAI. Co-founder and partner of Facta.
BENEDETTA PAGNIData analysis & Digital production
Freelance data analyst working on several journalistic and science communication projects on database creation, scientific literature review, data analysis, and application of Artificial Intelligent tools to satellite imagery and data analysis. Specialized in medical writing for a platform of doctors. Freelance consultant at formicablu and Facta.

Advisory board

Director, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY’s Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, New York, US
James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation at Temple University, Philadelphia, US
Journalist and author specialized in cybersecurity and surveillance, author of the newsletter ‘Guerre di rete’


The idea of FACTA started from a group of people strongly believing that good science journalism can be a powerful tool for democracy. We were born as a cultural association in 2018, then became a social enterprise in 2023. In its start-up phase, FACTA was incubated in the science communication agency formicablu, and aims to become fully independent and sustainable by 2025. 


Our process and Facta’s method, step by step:

Clear hypotheses

Inspired by experts and scientists, the needs of local communities, relevant literature and the public discourse, we define clear and explicit hypotheses to be tested.

Data and literature

The investigation begins: we search for literature reviews, relevant publications and reports, open and public data, and original or citizens’ science experiments.

Field reporting

We go into the field to collect stories and experiences, with a particular attention to the ways local communities deal with problems and the solutions they test.


Along the way, we ask experts of various scientific backgrounds to give feedback on the process, the data and our hypotheses.

Final publication

In syndication with other media, we publish our final report in an innovative format, experimenting with data, visualization and multimedia.


We love building collaborative networks of journalists and organizations around the Mediterranean area. Interested in talking?

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