This investigation looked into how commercial interests backed by public money are decimating Europe’s remaining wetlands, as national authorities ignore this ongoing exploitation. 


Groundwater is the ecosystem Europe has always been able to rely on, and grew to consider an infinite resource. This cross-border investigation reveals that the current state of matters is dire: our water is disappearing and what remains is facing near-irreversible pollution.


Join us on a planetary journey that goes deep into the future of innovation, technology, nature, and humanity in search of the best ways to forge a sustainable future.


A podcast edited by Elisabetta Tola and Giulia Bonelli to reflect on our relationship with the environment: how we inhabit it, shape it, narrate it, cultivate it, think about it, destroy it, pollute it, conserve it. A choral reflection through voices from the Festivaletteratura archive.


All over the world, farmers’ movements are springing up and organising themselves in opposition to agribusiness and GMOs. “Another model is possible”, they say. The symbol of this struggle is farmer seeds, non-GMO seeds that are free of property rights. They have been exchanged and developed for thousands of years, and are the true guardians of biodiversity for the whole of humanity.

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